Rehabilitation for Ataxia

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In general this is a good artice. It doesn’t get what I do and refered to our article as general weighting. However, the article addresses studies with different neurological diagnoses and the research that was done. Our research in BBTW was only one of three randomized controlled studies..Yea!

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Empathy: To recognize emotions felt by others

This video depicts the emotions of being in the hospital of both caregivers and patients. Everyone has something going on in their head at all times. Many times we don’t take the time to understand how the person feels, their wants, or their needs. We put our own thoughts into the equation about what we think they need as health care professional.

I saw an email come by the other day of a woman crying as she saw a video of a person able to dance at the National Ataxia Foundation…she wrote she is afraid to leave the house because she knows people think she is drunk…but she has ataxia. One of the doctors I showed the same video to said, “She said she had ataxia..right? But you don’t know…” In other words he felt she was magnifying her symptoms or she had a psychological problem. Why would someone be at the National Ataxia Foundation Meeting???

When I mentioned this to the person in the video ( the person who could dance for the first time in 12 years) she said the first few years they sent me to a psychologist. Really!!! Why can’t we just try to help people instead of making judgements.

What I can’t understand is why we wouldn’t want to understand why she can dance rather than think she is having symptoms of ataxia for alternative purposes.

I will continue this discussion… Please try to understand and not make judgements:)

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Helping people with Stroke Balance Better with BBTW

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Yesterday I helped a therapist with a patient who had a stroke in July 2010. How many of you think you can change balance day one with a treatment??…Not. Well I did with Balance-Based Torso-Weighting and BalanceWear. Once he was strategically weighted he could even close his eyes for 10 seconds without falling. Whereas, prior to BBTW the patient fell forward to the right immediately. Interestingly he reported that prior to wearing BalanceWear he had the feeling like he was on a boat. He felt he was on a sideways seesaw. This feeling was reported as 6/10 with 10 being severe. Once strategically weighted, this sensation improved right away to 4-5/10. Not bad for an hour treatment! In addition, his ability to get up and down from sitting and to roll onto his back improved. He felt his walking was better. His therapist could see a change. Sometimes it isn’t just about walking. It is important to be able to get up and down and stand without loss of balance:-))

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