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“You Got This Now Live With It” Really!

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Why is it that some physicians feel the need to tell their patient you got this now live with it..there is no hope. What happened to the oath.. First do no harm? By telling someone they will not get better leads patients down a road that they and their families have do not want to go. as professionals we need to be honest. The fact is that many practitioners have not sought out alternative treatment.

In my video of Luke one can see that there is hope and improved function! November 20
Luke came to the US from the UK. The video shows improvement over 4 months.

Why is it that the medical profession feels the need to always cure a disease at the loss of research dollars working on treatments for patients that help them live better? We have research in MS. BalanceWear treats Balance dysfunction; not MS. Anyone with a Balance dysfunction may be helped.

BalanceWear Therapy has helped many people live better, fall less, and have more productive lives.

Why is it that our professions have relied only on evidence that only works in research. Research doesn’t look at the whole patient. It looks at a bunch of people who are not the same and only looks at certain measures researchers think COULD improve.

This is not life. We as clinicians tailor our programs for EACH person.

Please …..Do not let someone tell you to live with it until you have tried other treatments especially BalanceWear. I have heard patients from all over the world tell me no one could help them… They have been helped.

If someone can do something just a little better that is progress. Life can be very difficult for patients suffering with disability. Let’s try to make it easier


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National PT Month Day 4

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Wow I was sent a link to a great blog! So I have MS Now What. Please take a look at what all Catherine has to say! Oh Happy Day..Thank you Catherine

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Self Satisfaction

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What brings you self-satisfaction?

To me, it is to know I have made a difference.

A difference in how a therapist treats a patient.

A difference in how one of our instructors trains other therapists to make a difference.

Today – There is a young woman who was in a car accident two years ago who had been in a coma and was in rehab for a long time. She received a free BalanceWear garment via a grant for ataxia.

This young lady will walk to get her high school diploma in So Cal. I am so proud of her even though I do not know her. Her parents will be so happy!

Last week In Kentucky a therapist worked with a young mother of two with MS who needed a walker. Once she had tried Balance-Based Torso-Weighting and BalanceWear was provided she didn’t need the walker. This will help her so much in taking care of her children and running the home.

Self Satisfaction…..
For me it is when I hear about what my invention and intervention does to help others. It gives me a deeps sence of contentment. Better than Yoga! SMILE;)

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Cerebellar Bleed/ Ataxia/ BalanceWear

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Patients with cerebellar bleed have a difficult road in rehab. However, I just heard from one of the therapists who treats neuro patients that she helped a patient with a cerebellar bleed in Acute Rehab with BalanceWear. He was using a front wheeled waker with very ataxic gait. After BalanceWear minimal gait ataxia and two days later walking with moderate independendance. His discharge date move up two weeks from three weeks to one week. WOW! This is great for the patient and the family. It also decreases the cost of care!

Early intervention of trunk stability may be the reason this was so successful. Ask your therapist if they know about Balance-Based Torso-Weighting and BalanceWear.

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BalanceWear: Patient Helped with Vestibular Issue

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Vestibular Patient Helped with BalanceWear

Curry Durborow, PT, DPT Presented her poster at Combined Section Meetings.
Combined Section Meetings is the largest research meeting in the US for physicaltherapists. This year it was in Las Vegas.

Here is the non clinical vesion of the poster.

The individual woke up from surgery with severe dizziness, feeling like the room was spinning constantly. She was nauseous, had blurry and double vision, headaches, sensitivity to light and noise, and was unable to be in busy and loud environments. Her balance was also impaired, leaving her unsteady and unable to walk in a straight path. The severity of her symptoms limited her ability to participate in typical physical therapy interventions, and after several weeks of not being able make much progress, we tried the Balance Based Torso Weighting System.

With BalanceWear, the individual demonstrated improvements in her balance and walking, and reported less dizziness and room spinning. She was able to see with less blurry vision and her double vision cleared. While her sensitivity to noise and light and her headaches persisted for several more weeks, they also improved once she started wearing BalanceWear. With these changes, she was able to perform her exercises correctly, and began to make gains in physical therapy. The individual was wearing the garment for several hours a day at home, and in all therapy sessions.
The individual continued in therapy for 19 sessions after the introduction of BalanceWear, and was able to be discharged from therapy with minimal complaints of dizziness and headache, normal vision and normal walking and balance. At discharge, she no longer needed to wear the garment, and she was able to return to her regular hobbies and activities, as well as her job as a nurse.

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National Physical Therapy Month

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2013 Shiela tree poseI have asked people to comment on what they are doing with BalanceWear. As you all know I am the creater of Balance-Based Torso-Weighting and the product BalanceWear.

I have received some very nice reponses. Here is one.

“I’m an active 69-year-old woman who was diagnosed in 2008 with a “significant (25%) relative loss of peripheral vestibular sensitivity in the right inner ear labyrinth … ” The imbalance I felt didn’t get in the way of my enjoying a wide range of activities – hiking, biking, walking, yoga, Zumba and rowing, but I always noticed being out of balance. I felt concern that my balance might be worsening and that I could have serious balance issues as I aged. I was fitted for a BalanceWear garment in July and noted changes on the spot. I was delighted that I could easily do a Tree Pose wearing the vest, and this was not the case when I walked into Cindy’s office. Over the next 3 weeks, I tested myself in a couple of areas while wearing the vest, then recorded the results to see if improvement was real or imagined. The better and better numbers told me it was real. Three months later, after wearing the vest for 3-5 hours for about 4-5 days a week, I thought I’d do another test for fun. I was amazed that I can do many of the “test” activities quite well without the vest. My brain continues to build new pathways for balance. The best result has been a noticeable improvement in my rowing, which takes the form of sculling in a single boat. I’ve been going to a rowing camp every year for 7 years, and it includes an informal race at the end of the week. In September, I rowed my fastest time ever, and it was with less effort than in prior years. I believe that I’m faster because I have a more efficient stroke, and I attribute that to improved balance and the fact that my brain isn’t constantly working to stabilize me in the boat. I’m looking forward to the possibility of new, streamlined models of the BalanceWear garment!”

Obviously I am delighted!


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Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia – Heel to Shin

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Moving your heel along your shin in one fluid motion seems like an easy task. But for those suffering from ataxia, it can be a difficult one. Coordination is impaired and seemingly easy motions can become increasingly difficult. Rolynn suffers from Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia, and as seen in the video, has a hard time holding her heel to her shin. However, after strapping on the BalanceWear Stabilizing Garment, she is able to maintain her heels position much better and can move her heel up and down her shin at a much quicker pace. “It’s been nine years since I’ve been able to even keep my foot on my shin at all”, she says. Another exciting example of Balance-Based Torso-Weighting’s same day treatment results, increasing coordination and balance in an instant!


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Helping people with Stroke Balance Better with BBTW

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Yesterday I helped a therapist with a patient who had a stroke in July 2010. How many of you think you can change balance day one with a treatment??…Not. Well I did with Balance-Based Torso-Weighting and BalanceWear. Once he was strategically weighted he could even close his eyes for 10 seconds without falling. Whereas, prior to BBTW the patient fell forward to the right immediately. Interestingly he reported that prior to wearing BalanceWear he had the feeling like he was on a boat. He felt he was on a sideways seesaw. This feeling was reported as 6/10 with 10 being severe. Once strategically weighted, this sensation improved right away to 4-5/10. Not bad for an hour treatment! In addition, his ability to get up and down from sitting and to roll onto his back improved. He felt his walking was better. His therapist could see a change. Sometimes it isn’t just about walking. It is important to be able to get up and down and stand without loss of balance:-))

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Success Stories

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“Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for many years and with no real hope in sight, I was fitted with an orthotic belt with strategically placed weights. Immediately the need to think about instructing myself to put one foot in front of the other just to walk was not needed.”
Concord, CA

“After using the device for a few days, I forgot to put it on one morning and went out for a long walk. Somehow my body remembered and walking was as easy as it had been the prior few days.”
Oakland, CA

“On a personal level, my mother had a stroke 10 years ago. I saw that the BalanceWear stabilizing orthotic improved the quality of her movements.”
Pleasanton, CA

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