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Interview About How BalanceWear Got Started

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Testimonial from Thorkild Who has Ataxia

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Personal information

Man born in 1935 in Denmark.
Diagnosis: Cerebellar Ataxia
My sickness started slowly back in 2003.
The following 4 years my gait became increasingly worse and I started having speaking problems – especially in the mornings.
Treatment: absolutely nothing ! The neurologist at the Copenhagen University Hospital told me that there was no cure. It was a progressive sickness and the only hope was that due to my age the sickness would most likely develop slowly over the years.

I had to change my living from a big house with many staircases to a protected apartment. My walking problems became beyond endurance with daily falls and lots of injuries as a consequence.
Finally – spring 2013 I was instructed not to walk at all, and was submitted to a wheelchair. Doctor’s order ! By ordering this the doctors would for any reason avoid further injuries to me by falling.
This enormous change in my life style resulted in serious depression, which lasted about 2 months.

Motion Therapeutics (MT)

In my daily investigations in medical literature and information found on the internet I came across a publication from MT offering a balancewear vest.

The problem was that I had to travel to USA if I wanted a vest. I therefore started a market research within the international medical field in order to get more information about the vest. My sister is a doctor, and she helped me in my investigation.
I was in contact with the neurologists at the Copenhagen University Hospital, the University Hospital in Munich, Germany (professor Thomas Brandt who had diagnosed me), the Ataxia Foundation of Denmark and the Ataxia Foundation of UK.

Unfortunately I only received negative feedback. Many had heard about the balance vest but no one believed in its ability to stabilize these types of balance problems.

Meeting with Cindy Gibson-Horn (CGH) – inventor of the vest

Despite all the bad publicity I had obtained I finally decided to try to get an appointment with CGH in San Francisco. She was most obliging and asked me to have a video taking of my gait and send it to her along with the official diagnosis of my sickness.

In spite of my handicap – SAS and my daughter brought me in my wheelchair to the clinic of CGH in San Francisco. It took place October 2013, and it goes without saying, that Cindy (CGH) really took excellent care of me from the moment I “rolled” into her clinic. My daughter and I were

impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of her performance. After having pushed me around and tried to get me totally out of balance for some time, Cindy said the fantastic and unbelievable words “You don’t have to sit in a wheelchair”.

Cindy then started building up a vest, which would suit me and help me in keeping my balance no matter what kind of exercise I performed. We are not only talking about normal walking but I should also walk backwards and to the sides, pick up things from the floor, reach up for things far beyond my natural height etc.

Having “worked” with me for a couple of hours and placed all kind of weights in my vest on various places on my back, shoulder, stomach and front, Cindy told me that she had finished the job and I could start walking. First I tried within the parallel bars, and here I walked normal without falling to the sides or crossing my feet. Then I asked whether I was allowed to try to walk up and down the hall space ?

“You just try”, Cindy said. For everyone who have seen my gait before such as my daughter, we experienced a miracle. I walked without any problems, and I was even able to look to the sides when walking, which I haven’t been able to do for years.

Having embraced and thanked Cindy for the incomprehensible help I walked out of her clinic – leaving my wheelchair behind.

Upon my return to Denmark I swore that I would do my best in order to arrange that BalanceWear would be introduced to the Scandinavian market in order to help other people with balance problems.

If everything goes according to plan I am happy to announce that as from June 2015
Motion Therapeutics, BalanceWear will be available in all Scandinavian countries.

Wonderful! Not only Scandinavians but also other Europeans will then only have to go to Skodsborg Physiotherapy in Denmark avoiding the long travel to USA. If they are successful most likely MT will also have other representatives appointed in more European countries.

I have deliberately postponed this testimonial for half a year. I suppose that everyone will understand that in the beginning I could hardly believe that all of a sudden I was ”brought back to life”. I am so happy to report that since Cindy put on my vest I have become even better. In my home I am now frequently able to walk without the vest and my handwriting and speech have improved. I am more capable to use my computer, and someone might even claim that my intellectual faculties have improved.

On top of all this I am so happy to report (knock the wood) that I haven’t fallen one single time since Cindy put on my vest.

All in all a SUNSHINE STORY. Apart from what I have stated in this testimonial I am only too glad to receive inquiries from interested people. My mail address is:

Congratulation Cindy for inventing your simple solution to an extremely complex problem, a mechanical balancing of one biologically very complicated imbalance.

Thorkild Erritzøe
Skodsborg, Denmark – March 16, 2014

Thanks Thorkild!

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Self Satisfaction

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What brings you self-satisfaction?

To me, it is to know I have made a difference.

A difference in how a therapist treats a patient.

A difference in how one of our instructors trains other therapists to make a difference.

Today – There is a young woman who was in a car accident two years ago who had been in a coma and was in rehab for a long time. She received a free BalanceWear garment via a grant for ataxia.

This young lady will walk to get her high school diploma in So Cal. I am so proud of her even though I do not know her. Her parents will be so happy!

Last week In Kentucky a therapist worked with a young mother of two with MS who needed a walker. Once she had tried Balance-Based Torso-Weighting and BalanceWear was provided she didn’t need the walker. This will help her so much in taking care of her children and running the home.

Self Satisfaction…..
For me it is when I hear about what my invention and intervention does to help others. It gives me a deeps sence of contentment. Better than Yoga! SMILE;)

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Balance Invention Developed

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As a physical therapist, I work with patients with complex medical needs. Driven by a series of observations during my work with patients, I created and developed a novel treatment for patients challenged with abnormal balance and mobility. I would like to share the story of how I created and developed the balance assessment technique program known as Balance-Based Torso-Weighting® and the balance correction product now known as BalanceWear®.

I was working on an osteoporosis research study to determine whether community based exercises could result in improved balance and mobility with people after they had a suffered a fracture.  As a part of this research, we were utilizing weighted vests in an attempt to promote strengthening, balance, and improved mobility. We would add increasing weight symmetrically at the bottom of the vest slowly over a few months. People in our study would learn to sit to stand, perform lunges, etc while wearing the vest.

At the same time, I was also working as a home health physical therapist. One of my patients, “Mary”, had multiple sclerosis and very poor balance.  After working with Mary for a while, and seeing her struggle with balance, I had the thought “what if I could change a person’s balance by placing small amounts of weight strategically at different points on the body to counter-balance her directional balance losses something like placing small weights on a car wheel’s rim to balance the tire – wheel assembly?

To my surprise, amazing improvements happened immediately as soon as I tried my new technique. Mary improved from walking very poorly to almost normally. The only thing I had done was apply 1.5 pounds of weight to counter-balance where I found her directional imbalance. Not only did her walking improve but she could turn around, walk backwards, and reported she was less dizzy.  Her comment was “I don’t have to think to move.” We both started to cry.

When someone says they don’t have to think to move, it is quite incredible because that is what it is like when we don’t have any balance & mobility problems. Hmm… What had I come up with???

See the videos on the bottom right hand side of the page.

After that dramatic improvement with this patient, I couldn’t sleep. This totally new therapy changed Mary’s walking poorly to nearly normally. In the many years I had been a therapist, I never before had seen this type of improvement in a single treatment.

This realization changed how I treat patients forever! It changed how I analyze all patient balance and mobility care and created the passion I now have for correcting balance in all patients that I encounter.

That observation and treatment has now led to a whole new line of research in physical therapy.

I began trying out this concept on many different patients with a wide variety of balance disorders and learned that each person  has their own unique directional balance loss most of which could be corrected by Balance-Based Torso-Weighting: BBTW. When I corrected their balance by placing light weights strategically for balance loss, many people started moving better during the same treatment. I video-taped many of patients and showed their improved balance accomplishments to Dr. Gail Widener, PT, PhD at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California.

We have been doing research together ever since. Dr. Widener has been funded by the California Physical Therapy Fund and the National MS Society for research with BBTW. In 2010, Dr. Widener and Dr. Allen, PT, PhD at San Francisco State received a NIH Recovery Grant to further the study of BBTW in people with MS. We will be starting the second phase of this grant in May.

Some people in my blog state that I am really educated about what I relate in the blog. This is because I am the inventor, a physical therapist, an educator in BBTW, and a researcher in all the studies. I perform all the strategic weighting in the studies. I created, developed, and continue to work closely as we develop BalanceWear products for people with disabling balance and mobility conditions.

Stay Tuned:

My next blog will be about what BBTW actually is!

Be healthy and never stop trying.


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