“You Got This Now Live With It” Really!

Posted on December 2, 2015. Filed under: Achievements, Ataxia, Balance, Balance-Based Torso-Weighting, Cerebellar Degeneration, Falls, Quality of Life, Success Stories |

Why is it that some physicians feel the need to tell their patient you got this now live with it..there is no hope. What happened to the oath.. First do no harm? By telling someone they will not get better leads patients down a road that they and their families have do not want to go. as professionals we need to be honest. The fact is that many practitioners have not sought out alternative treatment.

In my video of Luke one can see that there is hope and improved function! November 20
Luke came to the US from the UK. The video shows improvement over 4 months.

Why is it that the medical profession feels the need to always cure a disease at the loss of research dollars working on treatments for patients that help them live better? We have research in MS. BalanceWear treats Balance dysfunction; not MS. Anyone with a Balance dysfunction may be helped.

BalanceWear Therapy has helped many people live better, fall less, and have more productive lives.

Why is it that our professions have relied only on evidence that only works in research. Research doesn’t look at the whole patient. It looks at a bunch of people who are not the same and only looks at certain measures researchers think COULD improve.

This is not life. We as clinicians tailor our programs for EACH person.

Please …..Do not let someone tell you to live with it until you have tried other treatments especially BalanceWear. I have heard patients from all over the world tell me no one could help them… They have been helped.

If someone can do something just a little better that is progress. Life can be very difficult for patients suffering with disability. Let’s try to make it easier


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2 Responses to ““You Got This Now Live With It” Really!”

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Well said and so true. I was shocked when questioning my neuro why they don’t take advantage and educate their patients about this effective vest for many? “Time!” He always had residents in his office and would explain to them about my “bullet proff vest” (as he liked to call it.) The power of awareness and education for improving the lives of patients. It often starts with our medical team, if their willing to treat the whole patient. Make sure you ask your doctor about this great vest…you wont be sorry!

I believe that many doctors don’t want their patients getting taken in by hoaxes.

Now, BalanceWear is no hoax and no joke! A few weeks ago when I went for my first PT appointment (I have late onset Friedreich’s Ataxia) at the IU Methodist Neuroscience Center and they tried the BalanceWear vest on me, I could not contain my grin as I was able to stand without wobbling drunkenly (while completely sober, mind you!) with the vest and not stagger all over the place. My second appointment is on October 2nd, and I’m so hoping I get to try the vest again, and hoping more so that they can get Indiana Medicaid to pay for it.

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