Don’t Tell Me I Won’t Be Able to Do That!

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I met a gentleman named Mort at breakfast last Saturday. He wore a shirt noting that he had finished a Marathon. His friend wore one that said half marathon. We started talking and found out that they had done marathons/half marathons and were going to be in one the next day…

Noticing a scar on his knee that looked like he had a total knee operation I asked about it. He said, “No that was from tearing off one of my quadriceps. The doctor told me I would never bend my knee. After I finished a marathon I went into his office and handed him my 3rd place metal for my age and a shirt. I told him to keep it for a month. He asked why. I told him to think about what he tells his patients. He should NEVER tell them they won’t be able to do that again! What kind of Doctor does that?”

Mort is 82 and still very active:)

Interestingly, I shared my stories about doctors telling their patients not to come and try BalanceWear, that it is all snake oil or a waste of their money and time. I have actually had a few therapists do the same. Again, who are these doctors/healthcare providers who are not able to help their clients but tell them not to try to help themselves?

A doctors oath
First do no harm. I understand that physicians may be trying to protect their patient from being scammed. However, that being said, we know if BalanceWear helps with in the first visit. There is no harm from trying. Often their is benefit. I understand we shouldn’t make false promises to patients. We walk a fine line as professionals not to create false hope. However if we do not give patients any hope or thoughts on how to improve many times they will get worse. Is that right?

If you are one of those patients who have seen a therapist trained in Balance-Based Torso-Weighting ask us for a weight. We will send you a half pound to take to your doctor for a paper weight so he can think about why he tells you not to try new developments.

We have a vested interested in helping people across the world live a better life by improving their mobility and function. We want to celebrate with you. Please join our

Let us know where BalanceWear travels:)



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One Response to “Don’t Tell Me I Won’t Be Able to Do That!”

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I so enjoyed your post and couldn’t agree with you more! One thing remains certain, as patients, your medical team is critical. Physicians need to be willing and available to understand your concerns and goals.How can they be achieved, improved? What advancements are available to try today? Many do not have or take the time to investigate options. It’s important to remember that we, as patients, have the responsibility to ask questions, seek information and become aware. Never giving up.

I’m forever grateful for my physical therapist who mentioned to me that I may be a good candidate for BalanceWear Weighted Vest. No promises, simply an option to try to see if BalanceWear would be a good fit for me. She was so right!!! Because of my vest, my balance is under control and I’m able to do the things I love with confidence!

Thank you, Cindy, for your never ending willingness to help patients be the very best they can be. You are our difference maker! 🙂

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