Cerebellar Stroke “Walking Just Got Easier”

Posted on April 17, 2014. Filed under: Ataxia, Balance-Based Torso-Weighting, Cerebellar ataxia |

I just heard from another therapist that a patient with a cerebellar stroke was immediately able to walk easier with the BalanceWear Lumbo Sacral Orthotic. The patient experienced a CVA in September 2013 affecting the cerebellum. He participated in 25 days of inpatient rehabilitation then 3 months of outpatient physical therapy while working towards restoring his independence and his ability to safely perform functional mobility tasks. Prior to the CVA, Mr W. was a very active man, enjoying outdoor projects and spending time at his family’s river lot property.

Following the stroke, he relied on the assistance of a rolling walker for walking and experienced much difficulty with turns and changing directions. Mr. W. was working on progressing to a quad cane in physical therapy when he came Lycoming PT to be fitted for the BalanceWear LS Orthotic. Mr.W described since the CVA, everything he had to do day to day was a “chore”. Additionally, he always had someone around when he was at home to ensure safety and missed his independence. Loss of independence not only affects the patient but the whole family.

The BalanceWear Lumbosacral Orthotic made significant changes in all objective measures along with allowing Mr. W to progress from a rolling walker to a single point cane with improved gait dynamics and speed in the same session. Improvements in clinical assessments include: Dynamic Gait Index from 10/24 to 15/24 (This is a test that examines how a person walks performing various tasks such as: walking looking up and down, walking turning your head side to side, stepping over objects, climbing stars, etc.), Sensory Organization Test composite score from increased from 76% to 84% ( This test determines how the neurological system interprets visual, vestibular and somatosensation), and Timed Up and Go (TUG)from 44.37” with quad cane to 21.66” with a regular came. (The TUG represents funtional mobility of getting up from a chair, walking 10 feet turning walking 10 feet and turning and sitting down) The patient subjectively reported “walking is just easier” and that he had an improved sense of stability on his low back.

He received his BalanceWear orthotic on 4/15/14 at Lycoming PT then visited his physical therapist, TM in Vandergrift, PA the following day to show him the improvements the orthotic offered him. T was using Rocktape techniques with Mr. W in therapy and because of the response he had with this approach, T did further research and found the BalanceWear LS Orthotic and recommended Mr. W be evaluated for it. T was so excited and pleased with the immediate improvements that he suggested Mr. W share his story and success with the local news station to reach others who could benefit from the BalanceWear Lumbosacral orthotic.
This was such a great treatment story I just want to share it with you.

Other patients with cerebellar stroke are improving in Acute rrehab once this new treatment is applied. Ask you therapist if they have heard of it?

Hope this is on the news and I can forward the link!!!


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