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Simple pleasures

I personally like wearing mascara. It makes me feel good. I have on occasion really messed up and got mascara below my eye. When Deborah mentioned she could put her mascara on I was very happy for her. A return of something that gives pleasureJ

I had a woman awhile back tell me that her mother had been very stoic about her ataxia.  After she received BalanceWear from a therapist in San Diego, the daughter wrote me a few times.  On one occasion she mentioned that she never knew the struggles her mother had gone through with her ataxia. She was overjoyed to tell me her mother said she could put on mascara.

While what seems like a simple task; putting on mascara is not. 

There are several steps involved with putting on mascara that someone who is healthy naturally does. Most of us do not think of the steps involved.  In order to do these steps there must be a stable core or trunk.

  1. In order to raise your arm without falling over there is an anticipatory firing of the muscles in the back to counter the loss of balance of bringing your arm forward and up.
  2. Accuracy of bending the elbow and forearm to your face to an exact location has to happen.
  3. We then stabilize the arm and elbow in an exact location.
  4. We bring our head forward and slightly tip our head into extension.
  5. While looking in the mirror a hand eye coordination task must occur.
  6. On the stable arm position there is a slight wrist extension while holding the mascara between the thumb, index and middle finger.
  7. This movement is precise as we move it along the lashes while our arm becomes adducted or abducted meaning moving in and out from the side.

Be happy for the simple pleasures todayJ



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