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We all experience pain at some point in our lives. Hopefully it comes and goes and stays away never to return.

Today I was working with a gentleman who has had back pain rated 6/10 constant for many years. Actually he relayed he was going to have back surgery in 2005 when the doctor did some scans to figure out why he was walking funny. Turns out he has spinal cerebellar ataxia 1.

Jerry stood before me for the testing with his back arched in extension holding his breath; looking like he was at attention in the military. He would fall to the right and back and left and back but backwards if he closed his eyes. After I got him strategically weighted he could stand without support at more ease, sit to stand without the use of his crutch to pull him up and said. “I don’t have pain.”


When I looked at his walking before he was somewhat bent forward, butt out using his crutches. After weighting he was upright and able to take larger steps but still needed his crutches.

After we took the BalanceWear Assessment device off he had good carryover but most noteworthy…NO PAIN!

I can’t wait to hear how long that lasts:)

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3 Responses to “Pain”

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Pain can appear in many ways. In the 12 years since my first major symptoms of Ataxia appeared, which is in both legs from hips to toes, 24/7 and even with medicine I have learned to live with it, a constant burning, stabbing, squeezing, throbbing, pins and needles, sharp pain. So if 10 is the worst and It is. I’ve learned to live with a 4-5 every day of my life. It just may be one of the most devastating symptoms of this crazy disease. Having the Balance Wear Stabilizing Garment to help me walk, without the constant worry of falling. Just may help that pain, we will have to see. Getting mine personally fitted on June 4th, I will be updating as time goes.

Hi I got a child that have ataxia and her balance is bad don’t have balance at all I’m from south africa wear can I find a balace wear please I love my 4 year old girl and really want to help her !?

Hi Nadia,
I am so sorry but you would need to come to the United States for BalanceWear. I do Skype with patients who are interested in coming to see me.

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