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Ataxia: Balance-Based Torso-Weighting

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I have seen 15 patients recently with ataxia from different causes; SCA6,  SCA2,  non descript SCA disease, ataxia from peripheral neurapathy, ataxia from a dilantin toxicity earlier in life, multiple small strokes, MS, and cerebral palsy.  Ataxia can result from loss of sensory information, inability of the central nervous system to integrate information or from problems with in the cerebellum and other areas of the brain. Ataxia can be very difficult to treat. However, with Balance-Based Torso-Weighting controlling thedirectional loss of balance made a difference for all but one patient. He had too much backward thrust for the weights to control. Everyone else had benefits. The benefits varied from improvement in ability to understand their speech, improved handwriting, transfers from sitting to standing (less ballistic movement – smoother accent/descent) , improved coordination in the hands and legs, increased standing balance,  to improvement in walking and confidence it their ability. One patient reported her pain was gone because her body didn’t have to move so much to control it.

It has been interesting to see what people get.

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Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia SCA6 General thoughts on fatigue and weight loss

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Well it has been a week or two and I have new updates on our friends with SCA 6.  Rolynn left California feeling the best she had felt in years. Recently she moved and lost weight intentionally. The move left her completely exhausted. After the move she felt very unsteady again. When I saw her last she had improved….I had removed one pound from her vest leaving her with only 3/4 pounds. She replaced the weights into her vest where I had marked and this helped her ability again. She is flying to Austin to see me when I am down there and I will check her weights and placement.

Several things to think about. 1. When a patient becomes over fatigued they usually have decreased performance. ( I see this in our research all the time ) Please think about this ahead of time. When you feel tired pace your self. It may take several days to feel better again when you  over do it. 2. The intentional loss of 10 pounds could change the balance of how I placed the weights depending on where she loss the weight.  3. When people change for the better or worse we may need to change the weight placement or amount.

Arlene – Rolynn’s mom has been going to therapy and continues to do well! Last week she walked backwards in her BalanceWear vest without any support!!! This is very difficult. She hasn’t been able to do this in years. BalanceWear+therapy+determination =performance!

Who says you can’t improve with SCA6.

Hang in there. Work hard. Achieve:)

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Mia Responds to BalanceWear too!

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Just heard from Mia. When she saw me she had not walked in a month do to a fall. She was unable to stand without falling backwards. Using the BalanceWear device she was able to begin walking. The first night back home she reported doing her dishes at the sink. Here is her message today, “I wear the vest three hours a day and am able to stand without assistant.  I am using my walker more & doing the exercises you showed us.  I am gaining more confidence since I started wearing the BalanceWear Vest.
It was great meeting you.”

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Handwriting Samples in people with SCA6 with BalanceWear

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Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned I was able to see changes in how Arlene and Marilyn wrote their names after they had the BalanceWear orthotic on. Below you can see for your self if you think there are changes. When people mention their handwriting improves, they report it feels more free-flowing and less deliberate

handwriting in SCA6

What do you think of the handwriting changes? Remember this is just putting on a garment and the writing changes the same day.

Be well and keep your hopes up.

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Conversation on Late night Health Radio August 4th

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Please join the show tomorrow night.

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