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Teaching a BBTW class in New York City on March 20th!

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Please join me for the fun!

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Sensory ataxia

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I am beginning to think that patients with sensory ataxia can have some amazing results. Sensory ataxia is a form of ataxia (loss of coordination) caused by loss of sensory input into the control of movement not by cerebellar dysfunction. In general people complain of decreased ability in the dark or when vision is eliminated. If you look at Erica’s video you will notice that when Erica closes her eyes she becomes less coordinated with the reciprocal hand movements.
Causes of Sensory ataxia are sensory peripheral neuropathies and conditions causing dysfunction of the dorsal columns of the spinal cord.

[edit] References1.^ Moeller, J.; Macaulay, R.; Valdmanis, P.; Weston, L.; Rouleau, G.; Dupré, N. (2008). “Autosomal dominant sensory ataxia: a neuroaxonal dystrophy”. Acta neuropathologica 116 (3): 331–336. doi:10.1007/s00401-008-0362-6. PMID 18347805. edit

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