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About BalanceWear

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BalanceWear™ is  part of the product line of balance stabilizing garments produced by Motion Therapeutics. The company  is a provider of revolutionary methods and products designed to improve balance and mobility. Motion Therapeutics provides clinical education and products designed specifically for balance and mobility improvement.

The company seeks to:

• accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation of adults and children with balance challenges; and,

• improve the mobility, confidence, and independence of individuals.

History of BalanceWear

During the treatment of a patient, the inventor of the BalanceWear Balance-Based Torso Weighting (BBTW™) therapeutic garment products, Cynthia Gibson-Horn PT, discovered a novel and effective way to treat balance problems. Research began 2001 with Samuel Merritt University, using Ms. Gibson-Horn’s method on individuals with multiple sclerosis. The results were startling. Today this patented treatment system is called Balance-Based Torso-Weighting (BBTW™).

Realizing the importance of where, how, and how much weight is placed on the torso, BalanceWear developed a patent-pending evaluation tool that enables the clinician to customize the BalanceWear garment to your body.

After years of research and development, BalanceWear, Inc. was formed to help improve patients’ balance problems. Professionals are trained in our BBTW system to determine directional balance dysfunction and strategically

weight the torso to improve control with our custom-fit BalanceWear garment. Patients acquire immediate benefit in balance, mobility and confidence. Using the BalanceWear garment people are able to train themselves at a higher level.

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Success Stories

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“Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for many years and with no real hope in sight, I was fitted with an orthotic belt with strategically placed weights. Immediately the need to think about instructing myself to put one foot in front of the other just to walk was not needed.”
Concord, CA

“After using the device for a few days, I forgot to put it on one morning and went out for a long walk. Somehow my body remembered and walking was as easy as it had been the prior few days.”
Oakland, CA

“On a personal level, my mother had a stroke 10 years ago. I saw that the BalanceWear stabilizing orthotic improved the quality of her movements.”
Pleasanton, CA

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Comfortable Living

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Most people consider the act of walking as something automated. For those with balance impairment issues, a simple walk require intense concentration in order to stay upright and follow a proposed path.

Balance-Based Torso-Weighting is revolutionizing the way individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, brain injuries and strokes are stabilizing their body.

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